End Tables Sighted + Other News

July 2, 2012

I love seeing what other people do with furniture that I also happen to have. I found this blog through a quick google search, and look- those are my end tables!!!  (And how awesome are the colors in this room- I love the lime green - teal combo).

via mid-century MODERN LOVE

Although one of mine is looking a tiny bit different now :) I'm finally putting on coats of polycrylic and polyurethane. (The difference between the two, I just learned). So I'm hoping, if it's not too humid this week, the coats will be dried, sanded, reapplied and one table will be complete. I am so excited about these tables, y'all. Even my husband likes it- despite the fact that he gave me a quizzical look when I tried to explain my vision.

In other news, my patio renovation is also nearing completion. Although, I'm beginning to think projects around my house are never truly complete- anyone else feel this way? Anyways, I have a few finishing touches I want to add- lighting, pillows + cushions, and maybe some more plants. Pictures of that will be appearing here soon.

Some girlfriends and I saw Magic Mike on Friday, haha I know, - at the Drafthouse of course. (I've become such a movie snob these days- I will ONLY watch movies there). True to form, they had some entertaining, prequel videos:

Classic SNL- great laughs for your Monday (ignore the fact that it's backwards....)

Don't Talk, Don't text....

Happy Monday all!

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