March 25, 2009

For my little sister's birthday...



March 14, 2009

Last weekend we made a trip up to IKEA in search of more storage for my craft room (which was being taken over by wedding crap,,,,er, supplies). Even though I could have bought a lot more, I limited myself to this:


The Billy Bookcase, BB. And yes, I know that I am the last one to get on this train, but I really don't care. Even though I only bought one, I would love to have many some day so that I can recreate this:


Who wouldn't want a library in their home? Anyway, I digress. At this point, I am using BB for craft storage not books. Some before and after pics:

I moved the lovely red bookcase to the other side of the room and put the BB in its place:

Ahh, much better. I love reorganization. My only complaint about this purchase is that it has to be attached to the wall,,, it will fall over if it is not attached, which is a bit scary for me. Oooh and while we were at IKEA we also got this for cheap-cheap,

because you can't shop at IKEA and just by one item. This is my new favorite. I love french-coffee-press coffee.