Around the House

August 18, 2011

I am really scatterbrained when it comes to, well, everything.  Especially projects around our house.  Here are a few things I'm working on at the moment:

- we re-painted our bedroom and I love it :) Pictures soon to come. In the mean time I'm working on finding items to hang on our walls and perhaps a coffee table--bench reno inspired by Love and Renovations for the end of our bed.

- I received my comic book boards from Amazon and have started the tedious process of organizing my fabric.  I love how they look now, but I have come to the realization that I have way too much fabric.  I see a much needed sewing marathon in my near future.
- I made my first ever craigslist purchase!  Details to come... :)

- I am still scraping off bits of wall paper border from our downstairs bathroom.  It sucks.  It's a project that I've had to walk away from for a while because I hate it so much.  I found that using a plastic (kitchen) scrubber and hot water is the only way to get the large amounts of glue and paper scraps off the walls.  The good news is that the paint has been bought and as soon as the last of the paper is gone, the painting will begin!

- The backyard.  Oh help me.  Our grass is quickly dying and I hate this area next to our patio.

Once it gets a little cooler, I'm hoping to will rip up all of the pavers, de-weed and re-lay/ extend them to the fence, and then mulch the side of the house for a "dog-run" area.  I also purchased a pair of metal chairs at a garage sale that I'm repainting & reupholstering for this space.  And, I found a small outdoor (al fresco dining) table at Target on clearance for $15 (yay), but cannot find any pictures online...

- I am slowly collecting artwork and frames for my frame wall under the staircase. One day, it too will get finished.

It really doesn't seem like that much when it's documented punch-list style, but it feels like so much every time I step through the front door.  I know it will get done, but I am easily overwhelmed. 


The Nest Chapter said...

I get easily overwhelmed, too. It sounds like you are getting a lot done though!

Lauren said...

Can't wait to see how your projects turn out! I tend to get overwhelmed at work sometimes, and just need to take some time to prioritize what to do next.

Megan said...

I feel the same way! I write a list and it doesn't seem like too much, yet I feel overwhelmed every time I look around the house and think "Oh, I should work on ____ project." I'm excited to see your newly painted bedroom though, and good luck with all the projects!

Geek in Heels said...

I would get overwhelmed by just one of those projects. You're a superwoman for even having them on your "to-do" list! I can't wait to see the end results!

Amanda said...

You've got a lot of fun projects coming up!!! I can't wait to hear about them! :)