Framed: Black or White?

June 16, 2011

I've been having this internal dilemma as I start organizing items for my array of pictures (of which I'm still deciding the location).  What is this debate you ask:  Do I go with white frames or black frames?   I figure worse case scenario, if I change my mind later on, I can always go back and paint them one way or another.


*Not sure of the source* via Lydia on Pinterest
Scandinavian Retreat via Caitlin on Pinterest
Seen & Said via Kathy on Pinterest
Space for Inspiration/ Domino via Megan on Pinterest
Family Photo Wall Display via Lyka on Pinterest
Emily Clark via Kelsey on Pinterest

OR white

Few Things From My Life via Morgan on Pinterest
Laura Winslow Photography via Sara on Pinterest
Boy Wonder/ Samantha Pynn via Kelly on Pinterest
Young House Love via Kayla on Pinterest

Houzz/ Tracy Murdock via Jennifer on Pinterest

OR mismatched

Peonies For Me via Giulia on Pinterest
*Source??* via Katherine on Pinterest
Ohdeedoh via Amy on Pinterest
Design*Sponge/ Matthew Bird via Alicia on Pinterest

OR some other color

*Source??* via Shannon on Pinterest
The Estate of Things via Liz on Pinterest
Southern Living via Kyndel on Pinterest
Live.Like.You/ Ryan Korban via Mary on Pinterest
Way too many options....



lobster said...

love all the options! While currently we have a mixed wall, I like the idea of all one color to pull it together!

Amanda said...

I love both black and white frames! We currently have all black, but I am planning on painting them white soon because we have a lot of dark colors in our living room and I need to brighten things up a bit!