Mirrors Continued

June 20, 2011

Last weekend I finally finished the mirror project:

Mirrors (spray painted): Target; Hooks: Anthropologie; Ribbon: JoAnn's

I was really looking for these hooks, but Anthro did not have them in stock.  I found the white ones and I like the way they sort of blend into the wall.  Luckily, they had exactly four in stock when I found them :)

Here's a breakdown of the cost:

Mirrors (4, Target Clearance):  ~$44
Spray Paint (1 can, Lowes): ~$5
Hooks (4, Anthropologie): ~$40
Ribbon (left over from our wedding, JoAnn's):  $0

Total:  $90

That's a little more than I wanted to spend, but I think the project was a success.  I tried to find some cheaper hooks and was unsuccessful (I think I had already had my heart set on the hooks from Anthro). 

My ultimate goal is to replace the black & white church picture with an array of black frames. And yes, that is the Karlstad sofa assembled :)  It's not very noticeable, but I also spray painted the feet- inspired, of course, by this post. I love it, my husband loves it, my dogs are not allowed to sit on it, but they love it too. We have since changed out the slip cover for this one.  It's amazing how much it lightens up the room (pictures to come).


Amanda said...

The mirrors look great! And I loooooove the new sofa!

Annie said...

I need you to come design my home :) beautiful and chic! Love it!

BigAppleNosh said...

Love it! And I totally love your staircase and high ceilings :)

Larry and Martha said...

You are soooo talented. That looks great. You are turning your house into a beautiful home.