Food Around Austin- Chicken + Oysters

July 3, 2012

Funny combination huh? A few weeks ago, my co-worker mentioned that he tried out Lucy's Chicken, and that they had great fried chicken and oysters. My husband is on a huge oyster kick, and I am not a big fan of sea food, so finding a place that serves something for both of us has been really hard to find.... until now :)

Lucy's is located in S. Austin in a little nook between Congress and Oltorf. It actually used to be the home of this great mexican food restaurant that served the BEST migas tacos and agua fresca. I'm really hoping they open a new location soon!

The indoor seating is limited, but there is plenty of space on the patio. We elected sit inside- I thought it was very quaint.

Of course my husband ordered raw oysters:

And I ordered a basket of fried chicken:

I can't say much for the oysters (my husband finished them, so I'm assuming they were good), but the fried chicken was awesome.

We ordered some salad and sides too:

I love the fact that they put okra and snap peas in the salad, but it was a little pricey IMO.

The cornbread dressing was so good. I would go back just for this!

Not shown are the smashed grilled potoatoes- smokey goodness with a little bit of a kick.

Watermelon 'Rita. Enough said.

And of course, you can't end a southern meal without some pie. We ordered one of the apple variety.

Yummm. This meal is definitely not of the healthy variety, but it was so satisfying.

*Note: Lucy's Chicken does not know who I am and I did not get compensated in any form for writing my opinions of their restaurant.

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