30 before 30- Revisited

July 5, 2012

I love starting lists of things I should do. It makes me feel productive, better about myself and my life. Accomplishing these goals is a whole different issue. Here are my 30 before 30 (which is happening next week- eep!) goals revisited:
  1. Finish the quilt I started sewing for my mom (like five years ago).
  2. Create an outdoor space where my husband and I can go to relax. 
    • almost 100% complete; start date: ~last summer
  3. Finish my wedding recaps.
  4. Begin and stick to an exercise regiment.
    •  attempting to train for a marathon; have finished two 5k races
  5. Be more optimistic, act more positively, and try my best to be a happier person.
  6. Read a biography.
    • Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks; Into the Wild
  7. Take a camping trip and/or spend more time outdoors (when the temperature finally starts to go down, of course).
  8. Become more organized (both at home and at work).
    • finally purchased invested in a planner; created a better filing system at the office
  9. Start the journey to becoming meds-free.
    • started last summer; discussed/created timeline with rheumatologist during last visit
  10. Eat healthier/ eat less red meat/ eat less processed food.
  11. Eat more meals at home.
  12. Become debt free.
    •  work in progress...
  13. Hang pictures of my husband and I in our house (we still don't have any up- I know. I know!)
    • Pictures have been hung in our living room and study area
  14. Stick to a regular blogging schedule.
  15. Keep a journal or sketchbook.
  16. Sew more, and get better at it.
    • I'm not sure if I am necessarily a better seamstress, but I have taken on more sewing projects this year (compared to last year)
  17. Learn to read sewing patterns, and become good at it.
  18. Start a craft club.
    • Held  craft nights in the fall and winter- maybe make this a a seasonal thing?
  19. Open an etsy/big cartel shop- even if it only has one item.
  20. Disconnect from social media a few nights out of the week.
    • I tend to do this on weekends
  21. Outline my personal goals for the next 10 years.
  22. Make a list of goals for my husband and myself, as a couple.
    • We have started doing this every Janurary
  23. Throw a dinner party.
  24. Celebrate a holiday at our house.
    • We hosted Thanksgiving.
  25. Spend more effort on my work attire and dress more professionally.
    •  work in progress- started collecting items that can be used for work and mixed and matched
  26. Take more pictures of my husband and me together.
  27. Create a substantial rainy day fund.
    • work in progress- started regular contributions to an online savings account
  28. Learn how to take better photographs.
  29. Start an herb or vegetable garden
  30. Start a compost pile.
    • purchased a composter earlier this year and have quite a bit of dirt for future garden projects.
So I finished about half of my goals in one year- not too horrible. Some of these items are constantly in the back of my mind, but I just haven't gotten around to them yet! It's amazing how quickly a year goes by.


Layla said...

You've made a ton of progress!

Amanda said...

You've definitely made a lot of progress! I love the idea of craft nights - that sounds like a blast!

Brandi said...

You've accomplished a lot in a year! I need to start one of these lists too- thanks for reminding me :)