Food Around Austin- Papalote

July 18, 2012

A few weeks ago, X finally took me to a local spot for lunch that I've been wanting to try for a while. Of course he had eaten there before, so I had already heard how good it was. Papalote is also owned/run by the same people that own another great restaurant we used to frequent- Azul Tequila.

The interior is really small, so I'm glad we went on a day that wasn't too crowded. The menu is amazing- it was so hard to narrow down my choices.

We started out with chips + queso:

Mexi-coke and Jarritos- Mandarin (I thought the mandarin was really sweet, but I recently tried the pineapple and omg it was good!):

I decided on two corn wrapped tacos: Pastor and Cecina:

(Cecina- left, Pastor- right)
The Pastor (pork in a special meat rub) was mixed with pineapple and cilantro. This was definitely my favorite of the two. The Cecina was spiced a little differently (I'm not sure how to describe it, but it tasted like an authentic Mexican street taco- yumm) and topped with goat cheese, sour cream, cabbage and refried beans.

 X ordered the Pastor (right) and the Pescado y Las Brasas (left) corn wrapped tacos.

The pescado taco was tilapia topped with cabbage, goat cheese, avocado and chipolte sauce. He claims it was pretty good too :)

I'll probably get flogged for this in Austin... but I have to say that these tacos are so much better than ever popular Torchy's! I'm looking forward to going back to try some more.

*Note: I did not get anything in return for writing this review about Papalote. 

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Layla said...

One day, I'll make it to Austin. And you'll take me to all of these fabulous places to eat, hopefully. :)