Let's Talk Paint

June 26, 2012

On Sunday, I went to Lowe's (my favorite of the two big box hardware stores..) to look for some paint. It is for this project, which is coming together quite nicely :) First I looked at the spray paint section, and was utterly disappointed by the lack of color options. I had really hoped that a hardware store would have a better selection of spray paint than Michael's, where I had also been to that day. Frustration settled in as I realized I would have to hand/brush paint this project if I wanted a decent color *sad face*. I finally narrowed my choices down and picked samples of Valsapar paint:

Gypsy Teal

Danish Blue

I sanded. I primed. I painted with the Danish Blue paint using my purdy brush. Meh. I loved the color, but I wasn't getting the evenness or color saturation like spray paint. I think the important factor here was the quality of the wood I was trying to paint- it is a plywood/oak (maybe?) consistency, which made every. brush stroke. visible. NOT the look I was going for...

On a second trip to Michael's, for some other craft supplies, I wandered over to the art supply section and was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon the mother load of spray paint:

I have used other paint products from Liquitex and love their quality, so I was quite happy to see that they 1) make spray paint and 2) that Michael's now carries it!!  It's a little on the pricey side (as far as spray paint goes) at $12 a can, but with a Michael's coupon from my phone, it dropped it down to ~$7, which was a little easier to swallow. Plus I found a color I LOVE.

This paint is usually used by grafitti artists... but I decided to try it out on furniture anyways. My project is in the last stages of drying, but I'm hoping to give an updated with pictures of a COMPLETED PRODUCT later this week!!


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