Gold Leaf + Furniture: Part I

June 20, 2012

I'm not sure when I decided that gold was such an awesome color to have on furniture. I used to think it was kind of tacky, and only belonged in stuffy estates. No more, I tell you!

If you remember, a while back, I scored two awesome end tables on craigslist for $50 (I am still excited about this!!). Originally, I was going to paint them with a white or black lacquer. That was before our coffee table arrived and I discovered that the stains on the end tables + the coffee table top almost nearly matched. AND I loved it. There were only two problems: 1) There was some damage on the table legs- nicks & scrapes- where the stain was uneven or coming off, so I really wanted to re-stain them; and this lead to problem 2) The tops of the side tables are laminate, meaning I can't re-stain the tops (or I could try, but I don't think it would end up looking right).  I really did not want to leave the tops as is, with a new coat of stain on the rest of the table... because that would probably look off too.

For a while, I thought about painting the tops.  Sort of an inverse of these (because I've found it nearly impossible to find any images of painted table tops, with wood stained bottoms):

Pink Postcard via Pinterest
Perfectly Imperfect via Jill on Pinterest

Modg via Apartment Therapy

Or, like this (ahem, after further googling, this was the ONLY image I found that depicts what I'm trying to accomplish):

via Rachel Bishop Designs

Anyways, after deciding the end tables would be stained with some sort of painted top, I had to decide on a color. I didn't really like idea of a black, gray, or white top (it doesn't go with the overall look/feel of our sofa + coffee table). I was leaning toward a shade of blue or green, but as much as I love these brightly colored pieces:

via Centsational Girl
via House Candy L.A. on etsy
via Nice Thing on etsy
via Young and Broke on etsy

(almost the exact same table!!) via Mint Home on etsy

I wasn't sure I could commit to having such a dominant accent as a permanent fixture in our living space (even if it was just the table top I was painting). Decisions, decisions....

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