Full Circle

June 19, 2012

Once upon a time, long ago, I started sewing curtains for our master bathroom. There used to be curtains hanging made from this fabric:

Joel Dewberry || Aviary-Sparrows (Almond)**

I love this fabric in the fall (Joel Dewberry is one of my all time favorite fabric designers!!), but come spring it was a little too, um.... fallish? Great description, huh? I thought so too. So, thus began the search for new fabric(s).

**Note Bird is not as creepy in person

I ordered several yards of fabric in an array of blues and greens, with the intent of creating something like this:

Turns out I was not patient enough to sew these strips into a cheveron pattern, and they became this instead:

Then I found this great cheveron patterned home dec. fabric (from here), and decided I would sew that into curtains:

Premier Prints || ZigZag (Village Blue/Natural)
I have one panel half way finished and hanging in the bathroom. I'm thinking that maybe I haven't finished sewing them because I've lost interest in this pattern and want something different (yet again).

So today, while browsing through fabric online, I discovered that this store carries fabric by designer Thomas Paul. *Cue a chorus of angels*

I am seriously smitten with all of the furniture I've seen upholstered in this fabric. And today, I came across this bird yardage:

Thomas Paul || Perch (lilac)
Five minutes later, four yards of this fabric were in my shopping cart ready to checked out. Hopefully it will be on it's way to me soon!! Maybe some curtains will be hanging in the bathroom by next month :)

ETA: Oooh and I found a pic of what it looks like in action:

Lonny || via Dana on Pinterest



lauren05 said...

I love what you did with the strips in the frame!  Good luck getting the curtains finished.

Morgan said...

I love that fabric! Much less fall-ish, and you still get to keep the cute birds!