A Table for Coffee

January 17, 2012

For a while now, we have been wanting to upgrade the coffee/end tables in our living room to better fit our updated sofa.  This is what our living room (kind of) looks like now:

I fell in love with this coffee table, and I went to look at it West Elm.  (I may have even purchased it because it was on sale and on back order.)

industrial coffee table | west elm
And now I'm having second thoughts (to cancel or not to cancel my order...).  X thinks we need end tables that match the coffee table, which I'm not so sure about, but it has led me to continue the seemingly endless search for a table.  I'm looking for something structurally light (in appearance, if that makes sense).  I think anything too bulky will make our room look tiny again, which I'm really trying to avoid.  I'm also obsessed with mixing wood and metal elements.  OBSESSED.

Here are some other options that I came up with:

pia coffee table | crate and barrel
I love that this table looks almost invisible in this room.  However, X nixed this one because of the glass. Sad face that my anti-glass views have rubbed off on him.

hammary "intrepid" cocktail table | wayfair
I like the color combination of this table, but I'm not sure how I feel about the marble top. Yes it looks like wood, but will it look cheesy?  Is it just as durable?

tfg "wabash" cocktail table | wayfair

tfg martini coffee table | wayfair

I think this might be my favorite.  Not sure how I feel about the shape though- I think a rectangular/square table may fit the space better.

rand natural steel cocktail table | room & board

riverside "logan" cocktail table | wayfair
There is a fine line here between rustic and modern.  This one leans more on rustic I think, but I like the dark wood + dark metal combo.  And actually, the more I look at it, the more I don't like it.  Blah.

So that's it.  Some of these are out of my price range, and I really would like real wood, not veneer.  I also prefer bronze/dark steel.  I have looked on almost every furniture site under the sun, but can't seem to find something *just* right.  Any further insight or suggestions are appreciated!



lauren05 said...

I really like the one that you ordered from West Elm. I agree that you probably need to go with a lighter look to keep the room looking larger.

We had a bulky table (which I picked up with our couches because the guy gave me a deal) and it really made the space feel smaller. I like the glass table (my parents have one because my mom believes visually it helps to make the room larger) but I'm not sure my husband would be a fan. Good luck with your search if you do decided to cancel the West Elm order.

Layla said...

The one you ordered is probably my favorite, with the round one being second. I think placing a lighter rug under the table would lighten it all up, and bring out the color of the sofa and the table. Almost all of the photos with the tables have lighter rugs under them! Either way, good luck with your decision! I love picking out new furniture. :)

Amanda said...

I love ALL of those! I definitely think the one you already ordered is my favorite though!

Amy @ Parker Haus Roles said...

I agree with Layla... that's all. :D and I am a firm believer in end tables not matching the coffee table- heck I would support none of them matching. I think it helps avoid the catalogue look.

Stephanie @ This Casita said...

I'm loving your taste in coffee tables ;) You could always make a trip up to the big D and get the one like mine!

e.louise said...

Oh I love your coffee table Stephanie!!