One photo, Everyday

January 10, 2012

I'm participating in a photo challenge that involves taking a picture everyday in 2012.  So far, all of mine are from my crappy iphone.  Hopefully, I'll be a little more motivated to take pictures with my nice camera and upload them (it's so much easier just to take a quick picture with my phone, but the quality is lacking).  I'm also wondering how many of my pictures over the year will be of 1) coffee 2) food (omg I love food) and 3) the dogs.  I know some of you are also participating in this too... but if you haven't yet, go here to check it out :)

Oh, and a very belated Happy New Year!!!


Lauren said...

HA! I was just thinking the same thing about how many of these daily pictures will end up being of my dog.

Amanda said...

haha, that's exactly why I decided not to participate! I don't do something interesting to take a photo of every day!

cameo said...

Liz you are full of great ideas! I think I will trying to join you in this quest. FUN!