Fabric Woes

November 29, 2010

I am still in the process of making our living room less manly.  This project is dragging- partly due to the holidays, partly due to the fact that we have suddenly become super busy, and partly due to the fact that I'm indecisive.  Since I ended up not purchasing a colorful floor rug (*sad face*), I am planning on adding color to the room via throw pillows. I've finished sewing half of the pillow covers, using this fabric*:

*It's actually more of a light greige in person.

For the remaining pillows, I decided to use a teal/blue fabric.  Originally, I found some teal, linen look-alike fabric from JoAnns, but I recently decided that I didn't like the color or texture. So once again, I am searching for fabric.  I ordered these two prints, in the colors shown below, from here:

I love, love, love this print and I was really hoping that the colors would have worked (even though deep down, I knew better), but the first was too neutral and the second was too dark.  However, I will definitely be using these in another sewing project soon.  It actually comes in yellow too, which is very tempting.... Can you tell I'm a fan of Alexander Henry fabrics?

Then today, while I was browsing for Cyber Monday deals, I came across these two prints- Dwell Studio for Robert Allen Home, found here:

I am crossing my fingers that I like this fabric when I finally get it.  I love the print and I think the color is what I've been looking for.  Plus it's decorator weight!

I also found this Rosemarie Lavin fabric here:

I'm not really a "red" person, but again, I really loved the print.  Since we just put our tree this weekend, I am all about getting in the holiday spirit.  I know the print isn't very "holiday", but the color is.  In other words, I will find a way to include this print in my holiday decor.

And finally, I found this Kitty Yoshida print (also found here):

Teal? Yes, but I'm not sure if the texture is what I'm looking for.

Hopefully I'll have a solution to my fabric problem within the next week or so!

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Megan said...

Oh I really like the two Dwell Studio fabrics you bought, especially the blue with birds. I hope it works out - and I can't wait to see what you make with the Rosemarie Lavin fabric. I'm not usually a red person either (my fabric stash is almost entirely shades of green and blue), but I like that print a lot too! I love seeing what kinds of fabric other people buy!