Making a House a Home

September 27, 2010

So, X and I have been living together in the same house for a little over 2 years now.  Just recently, our roommate moved out and now it's just us two.  The house was on the market for a good 7 months and now it's not. 

What does all this mean?  Well, for one, we have much more room.  Also, we can finally get rid of the storage we've been throwing money at using while our house was on the market.  And finally, we are starting to make this house, which feels more like a rental, our home.  We will be trying to sell the house again next Spring; however, until then, I would really like to spend some time making our house more cozy, creating flow through our downstairs living areas, and making the space more fitting for the two of us.  Right now, our house is a mixture of mismatched ideas & themes and has zero (okay, okay.. very little) femininity.

The problems I'm running into?

1)  We I would really love new sofas.  We have a black leather set right now that my husband purchased during his bachelor days.  They are about as masculine as you can get and they scream BACHELOR PAD.  But, we're kind of hesitant to buy anything new until we move.  We want avoid the problem of having furniture that doesn't fit our (future) new place.

2)  We won't be painting any walls because we want to sell next spring.

3)  We want to find a nice balance between modern and comfy.  I feel like this is going to be difficult, given the furniture we have to work with.

4)  My husband and I have very different tastes.  I am learning that living together = compromise of individual styles. 

Up next, see the spaces, furniture, and inspiration I'll be working with.

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Sugar said...

Pillows and spray paint. Both add pops of color making it modern and pillows are as comfy as it gets. I'd also focus on the impact of an area rug. Or even an ottoman. Just a few suggestions to get you started. Plus, painting wouldn't be the worst idea- as long as you stay neutral-ish.