Hippo Footstool

October 5, 2010

We spent most of last weekend unpacking/ moving out from the small storage space we had been renting.  A few furniture pieces and several boxes of unpacked wedding gifts later are now scattered around our living room and dining room.  Slowly, but surely, I am finding a place for everything.  (Gosh I hate moving, packing, unpacking).  I'm still trying to find inspiration photos for our living room update, but lately I haven't come across any room pictures I absolutely love.  I take a liking to a few small details, but the rest I could do without.  One example (although I'm not sure my husband would agree):

They're so cute!  I think they would be perfect for a study or reading area. 

I do kind of love the blue accents against the neutral furniture (in the above picture).  X was not entirely sure of this idea when I mentioned it to him in passing, though.  I'm really trying to find a color scheme to tie our living/dining areas, together but, again, I haven't found a color/pattern that I really love.   

"Before" pictures of our house are soon to come.  The weather change here in Austin has made being outside absolutely enjoyable and I seem to be spending more time a way from my computer screen than I intended :)



Morgan said...

That footstool is adorable! So perfect for a study!

Sydney said...

oh my goodness this room is to die for! Lovin the hippos!