Career Art

August 31, 2011

So, I'm still in the process of gathering prints and photos for our photo wall, and I thought it would be nice to include some prints that subtly hint at the careers that husband and I spend a majority of our time working toward.

I purchased this print {for me} and I love it!  I'm so excited to hang it up in our house :)

via etsy seller Megan Lee
I've also been looking for some bear/bull prints {for the husband- to represent the stock market/ finance} Perhaps these:

Although, it's actually harder than I thought to find a bear and bull print.  Maybe I should look for something entirely different?  Or brainstorm to DIY some art...


Michelle said...

those bear/bull prints with the newsprint in the background are fantastic! my father is in finance and i think he would love those! great find :)

Morgan said...

These are great! My electromechanical engineer husband would love the Nikola Tesla print!