My Dog, the Bully

November 4, 2010

This is Oso, my brother-in-law's pup.  He lives with us and we love him. So, I guess that makes him my adopted dog? my nephew dog? or maybe just my dog too (watch it BIL, you may not get him back :P).  He's old and sweet and follows me around.  He loves being in the same room as either X or me.

This is Kingsley.  He lives with us too.  He is our first "together" pet, our child, our baby.  He looks incredibly cute, but don't let his sleeping innocence deceive you.  He's extremely stubborn, kind of loud, and mostly likes to be alone, except during thunderstorms when he FREAKS out.  Then he wants to crawl in your lap, in which he does not fit.

Bed time routine around our house usually goes like this:  I get ready for bed, round up the dogs and herd them to their respective dog beds, X leaves for the gym, I go to sleep.  This evening, Oso was already curled up and comfy on Kingsley's bed.  Kingsley was in our guest room, sleeping on top of the guest bed, which I think he's claimed as his own too.  After much prodding, X finally convinced him to get up and come into our room.

Kingsley walked in our room, looked at Oso, and then proceeded to crawl in his bed on top of Oso.

And there he stayed.  I'm sure Oso was thrilled.

"Uh, what just happened?"

I'm sure you can guess who won.



stephanie michele said...

Love in-laws also have an Oso pup :)

lobster said...

aww, it's a big doggie cousin sleepover!

BigAppleNosh said...

Oso's expression in the second to last picture is priceless!

ayman k khlifat said...

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