Anniversary Weekend: Part II

November 3, 2010

We started of our Saturday (our anniversary eve) by opening presents (yay!).  We decided to go with the themed anniversary gifts this year, so we agreed to stick with either paper or clocks.  I failed to get a picture of X's gift for me, but it was a really beauitful clock with our names and anniversary date engraved <3.

For X's gift, I chose to go with the paper theme. I cut up accordian hearts from tissue paper and stuffed them in a box on top of two composition notebooks.

In one of the notebooks, I left him a note and in the other I left a gift certificate to the Habana House :

After the gift exchange, we decided to trek out to the Zilker Botanical Gardens (the same location where we got engaged).

While we there, we saw a wedding that was about to start.  Poor Bride, it started raining about ten minutes after we saw her being transported to the ceremony site (the rose garden).  Hopefully she didn't get too wet!

Yes, that is a starbucks cup in my hand.  Have I mentioned I like coffee?

Even though it's supposed to be "fall" here in Austin, it was in the high 80's with about 100% humidity.  We decided that was a good enough excuse to depart for tacos and margaritas at Baby A's. 

After a nap, we rounded out our day with more food downtown at Sullivan's.  Have I mentioned that we also like to eat?

Sunday was spent with our parents, eating more cake, attending a church service at St. Mary's downtown that was dedicated to my mama, and enjoying a lovely dinner with our families.  Overall, it was a really great, relaxing first anniversary.



Amy said...

What a lovely anniversary! And wow, where you got engaged is GORGEOUS!

Kate said...

Gorgeous! And what a sad thing for that bride. You did a great job with the paper anniversary- giving me some good ideas for six months from now! :)

Creature Gorgeous said...

Happy anniversary! You look as beautiful as ever!