Weekend Shopping @ Target

March 16, 2010

Like many of you, I'm sure, I headed out bright and early (um, is 8:30 too early?) on Sunday morning to my nearest Target to scope out the new line of products Liberty has launched.  Unfortunately, the Target closest to me was SERIOUSLY slacking, and a few items (pillows and dining items) were not yet out when I arrived.  I really wanted a set of this set of prep bowls:

It seems they have now either a) sold out or b) (hopefully) have not yet been stocked at the Target locations in my area.  (Insert sad face here)  I'm really hoping they will restock the Liberty products because when I went to Target on Monday (a mere 24 hours after the launch and yes I went to Target two days in a row) many items in addition to the above bowl set were already gone.

Two items I did snatch up a few items.  One of which was this shirt:

OMG the material feels so. good.  It also has a key hole in the front which I wasn't too keen on, but just for grins I tried it on with the hole to the back and I think it looks 100% better.  So, yes, I will probably be wearing the shirt backwards. :)

The other was this scarf/wrap...

...which I have no intention of wearing.  I was just really loving the pattern:

The wrap actually provides a good amount of fabric to work with, so I think there is probably enough yardage for a few throw pillows and maybe a bag of some sort.  We shall see if I'm actually brave enough to cut into this (much) cheaper Liberty print.

Did you shop Liberty this weekend?  What did you think of their products for Target?



Stacy Marie said...

My sister and I went and I got one of their re-usable gift boxes (it looks like a medium sized hat box) for sewing storage. I tried that shirt on too! I'm too flat chested for it though...story of my life. Our Target was really lacking as well, my sister's friend works there so she's going to get us the inside scoop on when they re-stock!

Mrs. Hot Cocoa said...

I don't think the prep bowls ever even made it to the stores, though I did score them online. But I hope more stuff comes in soon, because I really want the Liberty printed garden tool set!

Christiana said...

Their umbrellas are super cute too!