Fabric and Sewing Withdrawl

March 3, 2010

The good news?  We've finally put the house on the market.. as of yesterday!  I seriously had no idea that doing so would be so. incredibly. time consuming.  And stressful.

The bad news?  I've had to declutter my craft room so that it looks appealing to buyers.  Thus, my entire stash of fabric.. er, this one-

has gone into temporary storage (insert sad face here).   I'm also in the process of disassembling my sewing table and packing my machine away for the time being, *sigh*.

I have also promised myself that I will not buy invest in any more fabric until I make good use of the quantity I already have.  Although, this could also do with the fact that I'm actually running out of room to store the fabric, but whatever :)..... 

So in the mean time, with one quilt completed and in the hands of it's owner (Baby Hailey who arrived Monday!!!), I'm going to spend the next few weeks brainstorming and organizing some ideas for future sewing projects (including quilts). Oh, and I promise I will try my best to post pictures of the completed baby quilt some time within the next week.

One of the first (of many) projects that has been swimming around in my head is the Wedding Wheel Quilt that I'm planning to make from the left over fabric napkins I made for our wedding:

While browsing through flickr, I also came across these quilts I'd like to try:

I'm also scrambling to finish up this dress before my sewing machine gets packed away.  I just need to finish the neck line (with a bit of tweeking) and hem!

Depending on how much I like the style once I'm finished, I may want to make a few more of these.  Have I mentioned how much I love dresses with pockets?

I also picked up these patterns (also Simplicity) when JoAnns had there 5 for $5 sale a couple of weeks ago.  I'm on the look out for the fabric that I want to use for these patterns (so I guess my fabric ban will only pertain to non-clothing related purchases, hehe).

I'm hoping the next month will be filled with lovely, fair-weathered, spring days that can be spent enjoying the outdoors so that my sewing withdrawl doesn't become too overwhelming!



Amy said...

OMG I love those patterns! So pretty! And your fabric collection...drool!

holly p said...

That cathedral quilt is so time consuming! You will be my idol if you finish one.

Dead Flowers said...

I love that Cynthia Rowley pattern! Can I ask where in Austin you shop for fabric? Are there any secret local stores that I don't know about? :)

e.louise said...

@Dead Flowers: For the most part, I purchase fabric online. I go to JoAnns to get thread, solid (Kona cotton) fabric, and I used their Casa Collection fabric for a lot of my wedding related items. The only place in Austin I've recently heard about that carries modern quilting fabric is Stitch Lab: http://www.glitzkrieg.biz/schedule/schedule.html
but I've never been...

belle said...

I love the cynthia skirt pattern I have not seen that one is it this spring? You are in austin? me too!!

e.louise said...

@Belle: I think it is Spring, I found it at Joanns. And yes, I am in S. Austin :)