Minted- The Non-Photo Card

December 6, 2012

I know photo cards are ever so popular when sending out holiday cheer to our friends and loved ones, but it can be really stressful (and difficult) to get the whole family together for that one. perfect. shot. Or if you're like me.... spend hours on end browsing through my unorganized photos from the last year to find a good one of "us" to include.

And actually, while chatting with one of my girlfriends the other day, she made a good point. Photo cards are kind of tricky because they can really be displayed one time a year. It seems kind of a waste to put all the effort into sending something out that will be seen for maybe 30 days.

The solution to this is, of course, sending out a card and including a separate photo. But then you have to find the. perfect. card. Something that represents you and the holiday spirit.

I would love to have the best of both worlds: a beautiful, unique card AND a great picture to send to my loved ones- both being items that they can display over and over again (because I know everyone wants to put up pictures of my husband and me (and our fur balls) year after year, hehe).

Enter Minted. Their cards are really more works of art than your average holiday mail. I would definitely frame these and display them with the rest of my Christmas decor every year. The colors are just absolutely dreamy. And the fonts? Oh my!

Merry Typography
Sketchbook Foliage
Santa is Coming
Woodland Noel
Modern 12 Days
*Love* I could post every single card from their site onto my blog because they are all so wonderful, but I'll let you go check out the rest on your own :D

The colors, edges, and backs are all customizable. And if you really love details (like me), they provide optional (gorgeous) envelope liners too:

Modern 12 Day {envelope liner}
And the best part, is that their cards are a collaboration of a variety of designers.

Take this card, for example:

All is Bright
Designed by my very talented, fellow Weddingbee blogger, Chelsey Emery!

Right now, Minted has a promotion for 15% off all holiday card orders of $150+ and 10% off all holiday card orders of $100+. They also include your recipients' addresses on all holiday card orders.

So, if you haven't ordered your Christmas/New Year's/Hanukkah/Holiday cards yet, I highly recommend that you head over to the Minted site, and take a look around. You may just find something you love.

**This post is sponsored by Minted. I am receiving compensation in return for the above review; however, the thoughts and views expressed are solely my own.


bigapplenosh said...

I LOVE minted cards! They are just gorgeous! 

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, those cards are AMAZING! Love!!

Layla said...

These are gorgeous! I love the very first one!