Happy Heart Day

February 14, 2012

1.  We have been pet-sitting a very cute chocolate Lab named Jager.  He lets me put headbands on him, and then sits really still while I take pictures with my phone.

2.  Jager has canine diabetes.  He also has cataracts in both eyes that need to be removed.  Not removing them will result in blindness.  He's already having sight problems, and it is very sad.  I'm currently brainstorming ideas to help our dear friend raise money to help pay for the necessary surgery.

3.  With Jager staying at our house, it's like a regular veterinary clinic every morning.  Insulin shot? Check! Puncture wound flush? Check! Antibiotics? Check!

4.  Oso is doing a little better.  He went to the vet again on Friday because he has developed a rather hard lump below his bite wounds and the larger puncture wound isn't healing.  The vet thinks the lump could be a blood clot or scar tissue (I'm hoping it's the latter).  For now, we are flushing his wound twice a day with a syringe and giving him more antibiotics to fight off infection (see item 3).

5.  Our new coffee table should ship next week!  I AM SO EXCITED.

6.  It's best to paint pegboard using primer + spray paint- trust me, it results in better, more even coverage.  I'm hoping to get something like this up in my craft room this week:
Martha Stewart | Found via Chelsey B on Pinterest
Tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet evening in, with my wonderful husband, some good food, a nice drink, and perhaps a movie or two.  Or maybe just an episode of Walking Dead.

Hope you are able to spend some time with the ones you love today!


lauren05 said...

I hope that both of the dogs in your household get better!

Brandi said...

Poor puppies! I hope they both get better soon!

serena said...

Awwww. Hope the doggies are doing ok!