Odds & Ends

November 17, 2011

1. I've been neglecting this blog because of the craziness that comes with the upcoming holidays. I can't believe it's already the end of November!!

2. Husband and I are hosting a smallish Thanksgiving dinner with our parents and siblings this year. It will be our first real dinner party and I am so excited!

3. To prepare for said dinner, decoration making has been in full force around these parts. Supplies include velvet, pumpkin stems, foam pumpkins, glitter, burlap, leaves, more glitter. I think I'm close to wrapping up the decor (with only a week before Turkey day, I hope so!)... so that means an upcoming blog post w/ tutorials should appear soon :)

via Nest of Posies on Pinterest
4. Husband and I have been in disagreement about having the basset hound on the sofa. At first I was against it, but with the cooler weather I've changed my mind (I feel bad once he gets up there, he looks so warm and comfortable). Husband's argument is that it is a control issue. Not letting them on the sofa means that we are in control.  Thoughts?  Do you allow pets on your furniture?

5. Harry Potter Lego (years 5-7).  Enough said.


Mrs. B-P said...

The dog on the sofa isn't really a control issue unless he isn't allowing anyone else to sit on the sofa or growls or barks when someone comes near him or you while on the sofa. If he's just up there to be comfy, then he's not taking control of you. Just teach him to get off the sofa with a one word command (like OFF) at anytime... treats always work well for training :)

Lauren said...

I can't wait to see your fall decor!!

We allow our dog on the couch. She's really small (less than 10 lbs) so she doesn't take up much room and we've never really had a problem with it. If she becomes a space hog, we just say down and she'll head off into another room.

Amanda said...

Our dogs are allowed on all of our furniture! It would be way too much work for us to not let them on - plus we like cuddling with them! :)

Layla said...

I love those velvet pumpkins! Can't wait to see your decor. We're hosting Thanksgiving too and I'm freaking out.

Dogs exist for cuddling. On the couch! :)