Breaking Dawn I Alamo Drafthouse

November 21, 2011

Don't worry- no spoilers here!  Feel free to keep reading even if you haven't seen it :D

On Friday, I ventured over to Alamo Drafthouse with some of my besties to check out the new Twilight movie.  If you've never been to the Drafthouse, and you live near Austin, it should definitely be on your list of things you MUST do :)  It is seriously the best way to watch movies.  You may have heard about this quirky theater via this well known video that was recently released:

via You Tube

Anyways, before each film, instead of showing annoying commercials like most movie venues, they show videos pertaining to the feature presentation. Of course for Breaking Dawn, most of the videos were about vampires. Below are a few hilarious (parody) clips that were shown... enjoy!

via Hulu

via You Tube

via You Tube

Happy Monday!!


Layla said...

Hilarious!!!!!!! Alamo Drafthouse is definitely on my list of places to visit when I FINALLY make it to Austin. One day! :)

Amanda said...

I adore Alamo Drafthouse! I'm hoping to go there for Breaking Dawn as well!!

Kira said...

I LOVE that speak like Kristen Stewart video - sounds like a really cool place, I would love to visit someday!

BigAppleNosh said...

Ha! As a Twilight fan, I got a kick out of this post :)

Annie said...

OMG this made me laugh SO MUCH!!!!! I really want to go to that theater now ;)

Brooke said...

This totally made my night! Hilarious