October Photo Challenge: Days 9-12

October 19, 2011

{9} Someone You Love

Husband | X: One of my best decisions was saying yes to him

{10} Childhood Memory

Mama (in a picture of a picture)
Most of my childhood memories revolve around my mom, who stayed home with both my sister and me until we started elementary school.  Even after that, she spent the summer and holidays at home with us.  One of my favorite memories as a child, was baking cookies with her and my sister (which we would do every year) before Christmas. 

{11} Something Blue

Upholstered chair (that I still need to blog about)
{12) Sunset



The Less Than Domestic Goddess said...

Beautiful picture of your mom. I also really love that sunset pic. :)

Marie said...

Love the photo of your mom :)

BigAppleNosh said...

Simply lovely photos :)

Michelle said...

I want to hear more about hte upholstery project - the fabric is fantastic!

The photo of you mom is beautiful. ♥