Bronze vs. Brushed Nickel

September 12, 2011

The age old dilemma.  Or at least the dilemma that is swirling around in my mind at the moment.  The problem is that we've replaced some of the light fixtures around our house and the new ones happen to be bronze.

The new fixtures {hall way, bathrooms}:

(both via Home Depot).  Honestly, I probably would not have normally chosen to install these, but 1) they were very cost effective and 2) they match the finishes and look of the living room fan and the light in our dining area, that, I might add, were both installed by the previous owners.

So, with that in mind.... I would like to spray paint our door knobs, towel rods, and maybe sink faucets (sans the kitchen faucet and the metal surrounding the shower in the master bath) ala Young House Love.  Right now our faucets are  either silver/gold, or silver and the door knobs are all ugly gold.  In other words, they don't match AT ALL and I would like them to all match.  Would you (spray) paint them all bronze or all brushed nickel?  Is it weird for the finish on the lighting to differ from all the other metal accents?  I'm leaning towards bronze, but things like the metal surrounding our shower (could one even spray paint that?) not matching any of the other metal finishes in the bathroom bother me.  And if one bathroom has bronze accents, shouldn't they all?  And if the bathrooms have bronze accents, shouldn't the door knobs match?  Obviously this is an issue that should be tackled at the same time, and not room by room... like I'm doing.

*sigh, lesson learned*


Amanda said...

I'm totally anal about these sorts of things and I'd want it all to match - so I vote bronze. But, I have a hard time turning down a brushed nickel finish! :)

Lauren said...

I have a feeling I'll be like you and want everything to match. I'm becoming a big fan of the brushed nickel finish, but if the matching really bothers I thin the bronze will be just as nice!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

I hope the post today helped! I think the ORB would work just as well!

Tiffany {living savvy}

Bri said...

I'm obsessed with matching too. I like the idea of just sticking with all bronze in that bathroom. I honestly don't think all bathrooms have to match though, so if you like the look of brushed nickel too, maybe do all brushed nickel in another bathroom!