Odds & Ends

July 12, 2011

1.  My dad has been picking up (very ripe) peaches on his weekend trips to Fredericksburg.  I have made peach cobbler two weeks in a row now- I'll post the recipe if anyone is interested.  If this keeps up, my pants may not fit next week.  Any healthier recipes involving peaches are welcome :)


3.  We are in the process of choosing a new paint color for our bedroom.  This has turned out to be a huge  pain because I'm trying to choose a neutral color (beige, taupe, greige) and it is not working with the existing trim color at all:

left: pretty greige; right: ugly yellowish beige trim
The trim is making all of the beige/taupe/greige colors I have chosen look either pink or purple.  I think I'll spend some time using this helpful color selector tool before making another trip to Lowe's for more $3 paint samples. 

4.  We installed an outdoor ceiling fan on Saturday afternoon.  (Southern peeps, I'm sure you know this, but this was not the best idea). It was so hot outside and it resulted in a very cranky husband and wife.

The installation was further delayed by two trips to the hardware store.  Once to pick up the fan. Once to pick up the white medallion to cover up the huge hole that the builder made to install the previous light fixture.  Also, the fan is crooked.  The existing outlet box was installed crooked, so when we mounted the fan to it....  But the good news is:  it works!  So, we are not going to straighten it out until it is much cooler outside.  And if I'm feeling really ambitious.... there's a flood light (not shown) also connected to the fan/light circuit that I want to split up so that they can each be controlled by a separate switch (right now the fan/light and the flood light are controlled by a single switch). 

Maybe items 3 & 4 are signs I should lay off the home improvement projects....


BigAppleNosh said...

Make peach baked Alaskas! :) Or peach with mint, drizzled with balsamic vinegar :)

Amanda said...

I love the new fan! Outdoor fans are NICE to have in this insane heat! And I can't wait to see HP either - we're going this weekend! :)

Morgan said...

An outdoor fan must be so nice to keep the air moving when you're relaxing out there!

And yes to sharing the peach cobbler recipe! :)

Layla said...

Yum, peach cobbler!

I'd think the paint would have to have a warm or yellow undertone to make the trim look warm, instead of something with a blue undertone like gray or greige. Like a yellow beige or a very light spice.

Kimberly Michelle said...

Installing ceiling fans is just the worst! BUT... here's the thing... once you master it, it becomes really easy. So easy, that Mr. M is everyone's "fan guy" now. Sadly that means his friends call him up, he comes over to help, but basically is the only one that actually puts up the fan.

Larry and Martha said...

Rewatched the first half of the Harry Potter movie and reread the second half of the last Harry Potter book. I am ready, but there is no way I am going at midnight...I'd sleep right through it. The ceiling fan looks great.