June 8, 2011

My newest craft obsession is spray paint.  It's not quite as messy as painting and it can completely change the look of an object.  Usually I'm very much a neutrals (black, beige, white) person when it comes to furniture, but I saw this color blue* at Hobby Lobby during a recent trip and wanted to try it out.  My victim was this IKEA, outdoor, metal table that I've had for 5 years.  I failed to take any before pictures, but it was looking pretty shabby.

I think I really love it.  It will look great next to the black bench that Kingsley has claimed.

* the color is Rustoleum Satin in Lagoon


Amanda said...

I love that color! The table looks great!

Layla said...

I have that table! Well, two. They are temporary stand-ins for our nightstands, while we try to find ones that match our bed. I know what I'm doing with them once I find new nightstands!! :)