Lupus is....

May 1, 2011

  • an autoimmune disease
  • chronic
  • a disease that can affect numerous organs throughout the body
  • hard to diagnose
  • sometimes hard to live with
  • more common in women
  • different for every person who has it
  • so named because of the "wolf like" rash that can appear across the face
  • usually treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and steroids in more serious cases
  • an illness that varies in severity
  • an illness that is (sometimes) adversely affected by stress and sunlight
  • an illness whose symptoms can come and go
  • an illness whose symptoms may not be obviously visible to other people
  • an illness that needs more public awareness!!
*May is Lupus Awareness month.  I will be discussing different aspects of this disease throughout the month.  For more information go to


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