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February 21, 2011

So, my absence lately is due to the fact that I've been studying my little head off for an exam I'm taking on 4.8.11.  I am seriously counting down the days until it's over because that means I can have a life again and how much fun will that be?!? Then again, I'm kind of not looking forward to it because the anxiety over said exam has officially begun (hello sleepless nights and coffee overload).  Anyways, in the moments that I do get to spend deep in thought (ahem, on my drive to work), I've been formulating a very long list of projects/hobbies/things-other-than-engineering that will begin 4.9.11. 
  • Master crochet.  So that I can create numerous items involving granny squares.
  • Paint.  About 5 years ago, my go-to hobby was painting.  For some reason I stopped, I think a combination of moving, discovering sewing, and work somehow distracted from my love of it.  Now I have several unfinished/unpainted canvases hidden away in my closet that are begging for my attention.
  • Sew.  I have one unfinished quilt that needs to be completed and I have some other design ideas swirling around in my head that I really want to implement.
  • House Projects.  This is a list that keeps on growing.  I still need to finish up the throw pillows for our living room, organize a bookcase that was recently moved in to the study, and hang up art work.  Additionally, we want to:
    • repaint two of the guest bath and half bath
    • paint the cabinetry in the master bath and guest bath and add cabinet hardware. 
    • add molding around the mirrors in both bathrooms.
    • replace the lighting in all bathrooms
    • replace the mirror in the half bath
    • repair the ceiling in the guest bedroom and then repaint both the ceiling and the walls
    • repaint the baseboards in the living room/study/hall
    • repaint the window seats in the kitchen/dining area
    • reorganize the master closet (again...)
    • replace the carpet on the stairs and all of the upstairs area
    • install tile in the master bath
    • replace the door knobs/handles with nickel (if this is not too costly, the current door knobs are an ugly yellow gold that makes me cringe)
    • do something with our back yard, create a flower bed along the back fence maybe?
    • create an outdoor eating area adjacent to the covered porch
    • invest in a composter
    • repair the fence line
    • good grief, when are we going to find time and money to do all this?!
  • Plan a vacation.  Um, after all the house repairs, I think husband and I will need one :)
I know this list is more for myself than for any of my readers, but I hope you'll enjoy following along during the process. 

In happier news, I think I can officially say that it is Spring in Austin!  It has been so gorgeous outside for the past week, I wish it would stay this way forever. 

Happy Monday peeps :D

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