Reverb 2010

December 2, 2010

Remember yesterday, when I said I'm kind of relieved not to be blogging every day?  Um, yeah, well I've decided to participate in Reverb10, a daily reflection on the past year.  After reading other bloggers' responses to yesterdays questions, I spent so much time thinking about my own response that I figured I may as well blog about it too :)
Yesterday's Prompt was:  One Word (to describe 2010 and hope to describe 2011)


My husband and I experienced many milestones during the past year.  X and I worked through our first year of marriage.  We took our first vacation as husband and wife.  We have experienced living together (just the two of us + pups) for the first time.  X started a new job at a new place in July and LOVES it.  It has been just the right amount of motivation for him to decide to take on grad school in 2011.  I have been lucky to have many, many doors open this year that will abeit success in  my career (still can't believe I have one of those).  On top of all that, X turned the big 3-0 in September, and I'm not far behind ;)


In my own life, I want to find balance between my career, my personal relationships, and my "me" time.  I feel like I neglected many of my own hobbies during 2010 (for different reasons- trying to sell our house, burnt out from wedding planning, b-u-s-y).  I guess it just boils down to time management, something I've always kind of failed at.  Emotionally, 2010 was pretty stressful for me and for a good chunk of it, I was really strung out.  For 2011, I want to be able to control my stress.  I want my husband and I to continue to balance our finances together.  I want us to continue to work together to find a balance between spending and saving.  With us both studying or in school for the first half of 2011, I want us to be able to both find balance in our lives to be able to put aside time to work on our marriage.  I feel like a marriage needs to continually grow and it's all about the time you put towards it. 


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Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

What a great word for 2011! I wish you luck in finding balance in the new year and finding more you time :)