A tisket, a tasket, a white colored jacket...

November 8, 2010

For some reason this Fall, I'm really into jackets.  And coats.  Nevermind that I'll only make use of them maybe once or twice this winter ( and every winter that follows as long as we live in Texas).  So, on Friday, during my gleefull shopping trip at Nordstrom's, I ended up coming home with this:

It also comes in ivory:

After much internal debate, I ended up choosing the ivory over the navy color.  I love the military style and the fact that it fits a little longer on my torso (a quality hard to find!).  I also think the style will go well with my existing wardrobe.  Plus after I tried it on for X, he said he loved it and suggested I go back and get the navy too (wha?....).  I need two jackets much less than I need this one. 

Anyways, I loved it so much, until the next day.  Then doubt started creeping over me:  Ivory- doesn't it get dirty? How often will I end up dry cleaning it?  Will I even wear it? 

Any one else own a white-ish coat?  Is it a staple for your wardrobe or could you do without it? 



brooke @ claremont road said...

I have a cropped white jacked that I wear all the time in the spring and fall, and I love it. (I posted about it here: http://www.claremontroad.com/2009/one-is-never-too-old/ ) However, it is machine washable, so that makes me less hesitant to wear it all the time. I have noticed after several wears that the neckline gets a little dirty from makeup residue, so I've washed it before. If you're willing to get your jacket dry cleaned a few times a year, I think it's a gorgeous piece that will last you a few years. I say keep it!!

Sugar said...

I have had a bunch of white and cream jackets over the years and I wear them with everything- navy, brown, black. They do have a shorter shelf life, but they are so wearable. Love the one you got!! And yes, dry cleaning every few months is key.

lobster said...

I like the ivory! You'll have to clean it more but the fabric looks more durable so you may be able to spot clean it as needed.