North x Northwest

November 11, 2010

This past weekend, X and I were in North Austin to run a few errands, and we decided to stop by a restaurant/brewery I've been wanting to try for a loooonnnngggg time:  North by Northwest.  Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the interior or exterior, but it was a very nice atmosphere for lunch (and I think would be for dinner too!).  I had a burger + garlic fries:

The fries were so, so good.  Garlic usually doesn't appeal to me, but it was just enough to add the right amount of flavor.

X ordered the pulled pork sandwhich + garlic fries:

Very tasty.  It came with a mango salsa on top, which made it a little sweeter than I've tried before.

And of course, we couldn't stop by and not try their locally brewed beer.  No pictures :(  But I had the Northern Lights (an light beer, tasting similar to Amstel Light) and X tried the Bavarian Hefeweizen (a pretty typical hefeweizen with a hint of banana- sounds weird, but it soooo was good). 

We were both really impressed with this place and only wish they were a little farther south so that we could visit it more frequently!



BigAppleNosh said...

Those garlic fries look sooooo good!

McQ said...

i've never been there...we typically stay in our south of the river suburban bubble, esp. on weekends but those garlic fries look so good we may need to make the trip. and banana flavored heff sounds amazing. happy friday! :)

grace said...

mmm garlic fries. they have the best g-fries EVER at at&t park in san francisco!

lobster said...

nom nom. looks so good.