It's Only Monday....

November 15, 2010

But I am sooo looking forward to this next weekend.

1. X and I are going to see HP at the IMAX on Friday!! (and I think I'm going to make a Gryffindor scarf in honor of it- sewn, not knitted/crocheted).

2. It means only a week is left until Turkey Day. We haven't finalized our plans just yet, but my MIL is ordering food from Central Market. Enough Said.

3. Whether the cold weather stays or not, I'm hoping to pull out our fire pit and make some s'mores.



grace said...

oo! i'm jealous of your fire pit! (and the s'mores!!)

lobster said...

I can't wait for Harry Potter AND Thanksgiving too!

M and C said...

I'm so excited to see this movie. I can't wait!