Jeggings (and the next best thing)

October 26, 2010

Last Friday, I was at my local shopping mall when I discovered that Loft (!!!) had recently opened a new location.  I recently stumbled across their online shop and I love their clothing and fit.  They also happened to be having a 30% off sale so I browsed through all the pretty clothing and came across these:

Denim Leggings (aka Jeggings).  I'll admit, these TERRIFY me, but I was oh-so-close to picking up a pair and trying them on.  They appear look so good on models when paired with a pair of knee-high boots.  Me and my calves tend to not fit into boots, much less with a layer of jeans added in; thus, leggings and jeggings (shudder) seemed to be the only solution to this matter.

Until I saw these on the shelf just above them:

Skinny? Yes.  Skin Tight?  Not quite.  I tried on a pair of petite and regular and for some reason the regular fit so much better everywhere (except in the length, of course).  However, I can stuff them into wear them with these:

Boots that a) fit around both my calves and jeans (!!!) b) are the most comfortable shoes ever.

... and they fit perfectly.  I was so excited, I wore them all weekend.

*Neither Loft, nor Piperlime, nor Nine West has paid me any $$$ or given me any freebies for this post.  I love the products both so much that I just wanted to share my joy with you!


Cece said...

Aren't those jeans the greatest? I agree they fit better except the length in the regular size. I'm thinking I'll try my luck at cutting them off (since the bottom is tucked into boots anyway). :)

BigAppleNosh said...

Great boots! I'm afraid to try out jeggings, I know I just wouldn't look good in them!

McQ said...

I almost exclusively wear jeggings now - soooo much more comfy than traditional denim and perfect for boot stuffing :)

lobster said...

Ah, yes, the jeans / boot dilemma. I'm glad you found one that works!