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January 25, 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was filled with a lovely dinner with friends, a baby shower (for the first girl in my group of non-virtual friends to be pregnant!), an awesome birthday party, and a relaxing day at home with my husband....during which we ate some of our left over wedding cake to celebrate the 3-month mark.  While I'm still finishing up my big project (and therefore have no pictures to share :( ), I thought I would share a few of my favorite beauty products at the moment...

Parissa Wax Strips

I've recently transitioned from tweezing to waxing my brows (..primarily to prep for my wedding) and I love these wax strips!  I've also tried Sally Hansen's waxing strips and these are so much easier to use and more effective, IMO.  You can find them at my favorite store, Target.

CO Bigelow gloss

I'm normally a fan of Burt's and usually wear it on a regular basis, but this lip gloss runs a close second as my favorite lip application.  It's minty, leaves my lips feeling nice and smooth, and provides the perfect amount of tint (I use the pink mint variety).  This is the first product I've tried from this brand and would love to test out some of their other products since I'm so smitten with this one.  You can find it at Bath and Body works.

Neutragena Dry-Touch Sunblock

I looooove this sunscreen.  I try to wear sunscreen every day, but it's an absolute must during the summers here in Texas.  I've tried a ton of sunscreen products and I really like how 1) this product doesn't leave me in a greasy mess and 2) it doesn't emit a strong odor.  Although it takes a little longer to rub in than other brands, I am super happy with this find.  It also helps that the spf is high and ensures protection against UVA and UVB rays.  It can be found at most grocery and drugs stores.


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natalie said...

I love the minty gloss, too! They also make a nice one with SPF 15.